TEC Sumatra Roadshow 2014

To expand the information about higher education in Taiwan, TEC held a roadshow to some universities and highschools in Sumatra. The roadshow were held on November 17 to 28th. We visited Syiah Kuala University in Aceh, State Polytechnic of Medan, North Sumatra University (Universitas Sumatera Utara) in Medan, Methodist 2 Senior High School in Medan, Speed Mandarin Center in Medan,¬†International University of Batam, Sriwijaya University in Palembang, MDP in Palembang, DEK Senior High School in Padang, Dharma Andalas University, Bung Hatta University and Andalas University in Padang. We also had a meeting with the Mayor of Padang. The responds of our visitation was very good, and a lot of people gained information about study in Taiwan and it’s scholarship opportunities.